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Definition Of Dementia


Basic plain sponge cake

Basic plain sponge cake. A very nice thing to make with dementia patients, especially, but who doesn't love the therapy of cake-making?!


So hard. I never knew how hard it would be to say good bye to you. If only I was given that chance. One last day with you.


Ideas for various squishy balloons. If E could take a walk outside with an adult and fidget with one of these, would it be enough to help him reset? Also, how about a matching activity where he would guess what is inside?


Alzheimer's Request.

This message was in front of a Alzheimer's patient's room at my dad's rehabilitation hospital. I thought this was a very moving message and one that can relate to those directly or in directly affected by Alzheimer's Disease. - Imgur


Yesterday (9/16) was the full moon / harvest moon / lunar eclipse. With this a tremendous amount of emotional energy was surged. It was definitely felt. First with the passing of my grandpa. He had been sick for many years (very severe dementia which led to other ailments). He is at peace now but I really feel the loss of his soul on Earth. Like the weight of the world is a little unbalanced. And secondly my first/best friend got married to a wonderful man. Loving and positive emotions…