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Define Uncanny

Quote: When discussing her Project, April liked to dwell on the eldritch twentieth-century correlation between women's hemlines and the stock market. Bruce Sterling, Heavy Weather, 1994 Origin: Eldritch is of uncertain origin, but the earlier elrich is equivalent to the Old English el- meaning "foreign, strange, uncanny" and rīce meaning "kingdom"; hence “of a strange country, pertaining to the Otherworld.”

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atticism: concise and elegant expression, diction, or the like. the style or idiom of Attic Greek occurring in another dialect or language. attachment to Athens or to the style, customs, etc., of the Athenians.

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I get these every day in my mail, they make my morning positive and uplift me for the day :)

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The concepts of life and death as defined in Eastern philosophy are shown to have an uncanny similarity to some aspects of latest research in medicine. Core concepts of birth and death in Eastern …

I'm not sure I believe that star signs can define you, but I know I think carefully about what I say before I speak and so and if I say something to you, I mean it.

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With over 2.2 million followers (a number growing by the day), and a now famously uncanny ability to pack 140 characters with a maximum amount of humor and wit, Steve Martin has defined what it means to be a celebrity in today's world of social media. Martin's tweets have been covered by personal blogs, major news outlets, and everything in between, and this collection brings his funniest, most memorable messages--and hilarious responses from followers

In the Court of King Crimson (200 gram vinyl) (LIMITED EDITION) In the Court of King Crimson (200 gram vinyl) (LIMITED EDITION) One of the defining albums of British rock music & one of the finest debut albums of all time is available now in 200 gram vinyl format. Described at the time as "an uncanny masterpiece" by Pete Townshend, the album has achieved legendary status over the years. In the more than 40 years since its release 'In The Court of the Crimson King' has never been out..

American exceptionalism is a dangerous myth

In some ways the American predicament today bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the 1890s. At home we face social, political, and economic difficulties of a magnitude such that they are paralyzing the nation and pulling it apart all at once. Abroad, having fought two costly and pointless wars since 2001, we are challenged to define our place in the world anew—to find a new way of venturing forth into it. The solutions America chose a century ago are not available to us now.