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Define Tangy

Marotti Campi Orgiolo Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Superiore $24 Sharp, well-defined aromas of cumin, exotic herbs, dried roses and violets, even some dark tea leaves. Distinct earthiness to dark berry flavors laced with spice and a persistent macchia, sort of an Italian cousin to herbes de Provence. Tangy acidity was balanced by mildly dry tannins, all leading to a vibrant, fairly long finish. Food: roast pork with figs, porchetta with fennel and garlic, grilled white fish, pecorino cheese.


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Aromatic freshly ground masalas with a coconut base and a tangy tamarind taste define Chettinad curries. This time around we experimented with a big fat king fish and paired it with spices for an authentic Meen Kozhambu aka fish curry. Relish it with coconut or lemon rice for a delightful South Indian meal.

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Azure Silver by Diamond Collection - 3.4 oz

Azure Silver is infused with layers of tangy citrus that are sure to last all day long; this casual cologne will smell bright, energetic and memorable to anyone you pass in the office or on the street. Make your senses come alive with a spritz to your neck and wrists, and embrace the casual confidence it inspires. This is a defining fragrance for the everyday man, enhancing your natural scent with an exhilarating combination of aromas.


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Sweet and tangy, this market-fresh Italian salad defines summer on a plate. Head to your farmers market pronto!

The essence of Goan cuisine (sweet, sour and spice) defines these tasty Balchao Sliders They are topped with sweet grilled onions and tangy mango chutney.


Tangy green color defines one of the gymnasium’s walls & is echoed on small storage boxes

Chamoy margarita

What's better on a hot summer day than a cold refreshing drink? The Chamoy Margarita is too complicated to define in a single word, because it's cool, tangy, sweet, salty, spicy and refreshing all at the same time.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The nice thing about barbecue in Atlanta, other than it being readily available all the time? There isn't one defining regional feature. As the hub of the South, we luck out in that we've got transplants who love tangy Carolina vinegar and mustard sauces, sweet and sticky Memphis flavors, ...