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♂ 16 Eco Criteria to Define Sustainable Apparel / Ethical Fashion.


Word of the Day from @Dictionarycom - parvenu - a person who has recently or suddenly acquired wealth, but has not yet developed the conventionally appropriate manners.

Heart shape cheese board with integrated specialty knife compartment made from sustainable Hevea wood. Includes 3 wooden handled specialist cheese knives with stainless steel handles. Rotating knife compartment. Made from Hevea wood which is environmentally friendly. Personalise with name and three things that defines that person. The cheese board come with the following types of knives; Cheese Fork Parmesan Knife and Cheddar Knife. Dimensions of board: 24.5cm x 20cm x 4cm, knives: 12cm x…

14 Real Life Fairy Tale Houses That Will Make You Believe Again

glass wall in "earthship" Earthship Biotecture An Earthship is a 'new' kind of building, a new kind of architecture defined by the following 6 principles: - Thermal/Solar Heating Cooling - Solar Wind Electricity - Contained Sewage Treatment - Built with Natural Recycled Materials - Water Harvesting - Food Production