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Define Semicolon

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Punctuation Posters

These Posters are a bright and colourful addition to any classroom. Each of the 12 Posters, including header poster, define the type of punctuation and provide a written example. Included Punctuation Posters: * Exclamation Mark * Parenthesis * Comma * Quotation Marks * Question Mark * Hyphen * Colon * Semicolon * Apostrophe * Period * Full Stop (Period) © Tales From Miss D

"A Rainy Day" Art therapy project about optimism and overcoming depression from


Intermediate Punctuation Magnet And Poster Set

Punctuation - it rules! #geneabloggers #humor #punctuation I never understood semicolons; why not just make it a new sentence?? loll

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45 Truths People With Bipolar Disorder Wish Others Understood

About million adults in the U.S. live with bipolar disorder, but the illness is often misunderstood and rarely talked about.

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Commas, Colons and Semi-Colons PowerPoint

Commas, Colons, and Semicolons PowerPoint: This 13 page PowerPoint defines the roles of commas, colons, and semi-colons in English grammar with examples, and gives 5 punctuation practice slides for your students with an answer key slide at the end for your reference. Great for review or for first-time learners! $


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Maximum sentence length: seventeen words. Minimum:one No semicolons. Semicolons indicate relationships that only idiots need defined by punctuation. Besides, they are ugly. Make sure each sentence is at least four words longer or shorter than the one before it. - Richard Hugo #5