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Define Retrograde

outfit to work :-) jeans from american apparel, topshop cami, brown belt, urban cardigan, necklaces, and urban chelsea boots x love you guys

from Escaping Stars

Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

tarot cards and mercury retrograde 2015. I am sure we have all had "miscommunications" recently due to this - I have... Take a deep breath and think before I speak - That is my motto... What is your view on this :) Lottie x

2’s Word of the Day - redintegrate - to make whole again


From my "The Ultimate Guide to Mercury Retrograde" - Get ready for Mercury Retrograde by giving yourself a little reading...


Retrouvaille - the joy of meeting or finding someone again after a long seperation; rediscovery


Clearly, the kid has an “in” with the Muses. Ryan Burke, more than anybody else on the scene today, is pushing forward new ideas of how beauty is defined in the 21st century. “The portraits I create,” he says on his website, “express a perspective on human styling that does not rely on conventional clothing, hair, makeup or accessories but rather an aesthetic derived from the use of unusual materials to create otherworldly personas.”

from Gizmodo

Rare Photos From 1966 Show the NYC Subway in Full Color

Rare Photos From 1966 Show the NYC Subway in Full Color