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Define Recruit

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #386:Never tell Loki he is attractive. This might lead to unusual requests and him breaking out. Serious injuries and death may occur.[Submitted anonymously]

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Summer Glam Party Makeup- Alexa Chunk or Keira Knightley Glam Cool?

Flawless, will definitely be copying this... Keira Knightley's Red Carpet Make-Up - Get The Look - Yesterday, I had the pleasure of making up one of my favourite clients, the gorgeous Keira Knightley for the press junket and UK premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, an action thriller starring Keira, Chris Pine and Sir Kenneth Branagh (who's a...


We don’t judge. We don’t recruit. We don’t try to prove our religion to others. We just believe, and that’s all that matters to us, so long as we’re respected as much as atheists, agnostics and mainstream religions. We just want to be treated fairly. We choose and define our own paths


S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #392:Do not, under any circumstances, ask Agents Barton and Romanov to define their relationship. If it were any of your business, you’d know. [Submitted by hannahhutton]

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One Thing You Need to Define Right Now to Overcome Your Biggest Business Blocks

Define Your Brand Direction and Overcome Your Business Blocks with this free…

Elmwood has created a modular identity system for recruitment company Craft, which features patterns that can be used in different places across the wordmark. Leeds-based Craft recruits for design and digital consultancies and wanted to stand out from the “lacklustre” recruitment industry.


Successful people are not defined by their failures - they are motivated by them

In this week's short recruitment news: The new app to attract passive talent, the trends that will define recruiting in 2015, and Facebook versus YouTube.


Nothing wrong with taking the road less traveled.

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Personalized Crucible Candle for the USMC

This is a beautiful real wax candle made by JC embossing design to light in honor of the recruit, a way of showing your love and support while they complete the USMC CRUCIBLE. The Crucible is a 54 Hour test every recruit must go through to become a United States Marine. It tests every recruit physically, mentally and morally and is the defining experience of recruit training. Candles are for decoration but may be lit. To make them last, you can burn the center well down about 1-1/2” or so…