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Define Power

Aquage Transforming Paste, 3.5-Ounce Bottle by Aquage. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Sanitary pump dispenser keeps product clean and fresh. Non-greasy formula. Directs, defines, molds and texturizes hair. Flexibility of pomade with the hold of a hairspray. Aquage Transforming Paste powerful texturizing product's non-greasy formula lets you direct, shape and mold your style.

Five-Minute Ab Workout: This five-minute ab workout will help you get a stronger and more defined core. .

Five-Minute Ab Workout: This five-minute ab workout will help you get a stronger and more defined core. .

No work of modern literature can usher you so powerfully and intimately into the Savior’s heart like "The Day I Was Crucified". Master storyteller, Gene Edwards (author of "Divine Romance") recounts the harrowing scene of Calvary as if the crucifixion narrative was being told by Jesus Himself. Step into history’s most powerful and defining moment as you gaze upon the Lamb of God with new eyes. // The Day I Was Crucified by Gene Edwards //

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Wellness Kliniek

We at the Wellness Kliniek for plastic surgery and MIBIS breast augmentation…


I like that. A warrior princess, and not the Xena kind. To me, that says be gentle and kind and patient (a lady), be strong for those you love, and fierce when defending them.


“If every time a powerful emotion arises you learn to deal with it intelligently, not only will you master the art of liberating emotions at the moment they appear, but you will also erode the very tendencies that cause the emotions to arise. In this way, your character traits and your way of being will gradually be transformed. This method might seem difficult at first, especially in the heat of the moment, but with practice you will gradually master it.

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a poem for our daughters

I've been wanting to share this poem with you for ages but I couldn't find the source. I hunted high and low to try and find the elusive e.h but had no luck and then yesterday I miraculously came across her place and now I'm so happy to share Erin's beautiful words which should be dedicated to all our daughters and so it is. Erin Hanson I salute you fine lady.  ::source::