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Define Opression

from Black Girl with Long Hair

5 Reasons Cultural Appropriation Pisses Me Off as a Black Woman

Amandla Stenberg is best known as a rising Hollywood actress who played the character of the ill-fated Rue in the /Hunger Games/. But recently, Stenberg has also come into her own as a budding social justice activist. ...


John kerry calls for open borders NWO I know what it's like to be told to shut up.. I married someone who has pointed the finger..come towards me.. And said "shut your mouth" too many times to count ..and terrified. I was left once again with no voice. You daughters..nieces.. are headed towards the same future. #saudiarabia #opression #newworldorder #onegovernment #mustwatch

And most by people the child trusts. Family, friends of family, trusted "allies" etc. As a community, we stand with eyes wide open, to stop the violence.


What is Sexual Assault? At what point does intimidation cross the line into assault? Does the definition change for a mother, daughter, sister, wife? Is the unnecessary sense of internal shame and damage to the victims private sense of security for a lifetime considered?


The latest Tweets from Rosemary QOAE ن​ (@deanesmay). The Queen of All Evil has stolen Dean's social media! Comedy mocking and to continue!. Rated Non- Secular Social Critic. Earth