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Define Oppressor

Dr. Cat has dedicated her life’s work to examining the experience of women in a global culture of patriarchy, defined as “rule by the father.”  Her purpose has been to identify the means by which any oppressor dominates the oppressed & forces them to submit to his dictates.  Although her Theory of Oppression can be applied to all oppressed groups, it focuses primarily on the experience of women. Dr. Cat earned a B.A. in English with high honors from Princeton & an M.A. in English from…


My identity being in Christ says that you don’t get to define me by my car, my house or my clothes. #faithworks From the sermon, James (Part 10) - Oppressor / Laborer -


Allowing your oppressor to define your beauty and culture... Welcome 2 Amerikkk ( ugh ) and integration

"Everyone has the right to refuse to conform to their sex roles, but males do not have the right to tell females what it means to be female — especially since males are members of the oppressor class in this male-supremacist system. Males have always exercised their power to define femalehood however they want, with no regard for the female perspective on femalehood. The memetic slogan, “trans women are women,” is just another manifestation of that. Males defining females is really nothing…

So, males being excluded from rape. First off, who makes laws and enforces them in this country? A landslide majority of men. So for it to be systemic oppression, there needs to be an oppressed and oppressor. If men decide to implement and enforce a law against themselves, that's not oppression. Moreover, this law defines rape as "penetrating" rather than penetrating and or made to penetrate, correct? This view of sex is very archaic, and while it creates a very fucked up result for male…

"Never let your oppressor define you" [follow this link to find a short clip and analysis that explores how to talk about queer theory outside the classroom:]


Let's not sit back and watch as violence and oppression and human slavery and poverty happen to our neighbors around the world... let's treat them as if they were our own brother, our own sister, our own son or daughter. Let's stand up for Righteousness.

When men set a powerful example by talking about rape

Earlier this week, the comedian Amy Schumer appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show to discuss her new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.