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#2 When I don't follow society, I feel really insecure about myself and hate being judge by other people, especially the mean girls at my school.

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Fresh face feeling. They will love the look paired with our Rosebud dress.

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Jasmine Bravo @bravobeauty9 Instagram photo

This is perfect advice 🌹😉👌🏻 I usually do it like the pic but yay now I know how to actually contour thanks to this pic . Hope it helps one of you out 😁

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Contouring like a pro! Smaller nose & forhead!(: Defined cheekbones and slimer chin (:

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Delightful Animal Logos Cleverly Created With Negative Space -

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A males facial structure is quite different to a womans as they have a broader jaw, and a larger forehead as when they start to get older their hair recedes. Depending on whether the male is slim or not he may have very prominent cheekbones, and he will have hollow temples and cheeks so that his facial features are very sharp and prominent. This can be easily achieved using contour and highlight using cream based make-up.

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British Celtic Sandstone Head, 100 BCE to 100 CE. The symbol of the severed human head was as important to the Celtic religion as is the cross in Christianity. It was the seat of the soul, symbolised divinity, and possessed all desirable qualities. It could remain alive after the death of the body and convey prophetic information. Celts were head-hunters and heads served as trophies whose powers would protect the fortress or home.

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10 Festival Eye Makeup Ideas

If you're off to a summer festival, light up the party with these Northern Lights eyes. #makeup #summerfestival

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Beauty Inspiration: Barefaced Beauty / See tips for radiant skin on The LANE (instagram @the_lane)

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Bunny Nose....I want to draw this cute face!

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