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frost covered plants - from the book 'Winter Garden: Create a Garden that Shines Through the Forgotten Season' by Val Bourne


Eskimos get to be defined as “members of an indigenous people of Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska and northeastern Siberia, characterized by short, stocky build and light-brown complexion.”

from National Geographic News

These 12 Photos of American Indians Are Beautiful, Surreal, and Haunting

Edward Curtis defined the way we see Native Americans.

Survivors of Wounded Knee This defines the ultimate sadness of one human harming another. The sadness at Pine Ridge permeates the very air one permeates your defines sadness in the soul. K.W.


I CHOOSE... To live by choice, not by chance, To be motivated, not manipulated, To be useful, not used, To make changes, not excuses, To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self-pity, I c...


Iron Age 'Celts' - Caledonians, Picts and Romans - Scotlands History Celtic’ is broadly defined by language, and by the art, artefacts and human remains of Iron Age peoples. ‘Celtic Scotland’ saw the native population of the Later Bronze Age adopt new technologies and aspects of culture from the peoples that they traded with. The Iron Age in Scotland began c 700 BC and continued to around AD 500.


Ms. Wells? Wendy, dear? :) Hmmm... okay...maybe it's -ya know- my native soul here, or those weird visions & premonitions I get, but. . .