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These Classical Paintings Have Been Completely Transformed By Adding Funny Drunk Texts

Aziz Ansar breaks down feminism with humor. I like to think that when we describe and define words in different ways we are able to reach more people and get them to understand. My hope is that his comment has enlightened a few people who thought they were not feminist.

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Breathtaking elegance.

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Blue is for Boys

Artist Colby Jones breaks down gender stereotypes with sequinned collages:

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Edmund Pevensie was my first fictional love. I'm serious! He is, and always will be, my most favorite male character of all.

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"The strongest looks on the street at Paris Fashion Week S/S '16 -"

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Piotr Suchecki at AS Management shot by Angelika Rogozinska and styled by Beata Lira, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

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Males do not get to define me or any Females according to male character and values. I'm not what you say I am, YOU are what you say I am, you weak, emotional, unstable, childish, irrational, illogical, deceitful, idiots. I see you loud and clear, assholes.

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