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15 Feminist Statements From Male Celebrities That Shut Down Sexism

Aziz Ansar breaks down feminism with humor. I like to think that when we describe and define words in different ways we are able to reach more people and get them to understand. My hope is that his comment has enlightened a few people who thought they were not feminist.

from The Huffington Post

FABRICATIONS: Meet A Queer Designer Creating Structural Experiments For The Human Body

CHROMAT i think this garment fits in with "the City" theme the form reminds me of a building


"The great thing about Neville, what message he conveys that J.K. Rowling wrote for him, was that you can have any kind of disadvantage at the start of your life and it doesn’t define you. You can still go on to be whoever YOU want to be. As long as you have friends around you and you have a belief in doing the right thing, you can go on to be a hero. It doesn't matter what humble beginnings you came from. I think that’s really inspiring. I think that’s a really nice life lesson." Matthew…


OK so even though he doesn't have Bucky's metal arm on and all I'm imagining that this is when Steve has already found Bucky and like he's telling him different things about who Bucky is like even Bucky's name and his personality and Bucky's confused and doesn't remember anything about himself

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19 Reasons Every Man Should Be A Feminist

Emma is such an awesome person. We need to stop teaching that feminism is a bad thing, we are ALL equal.


Males do not get to define me or any Females according to male character and values. I'm not what you say I am, YOU are what you say I am, you weak, emotional, unstable, childish, irrational, illogical, deceitful, idiots. I see you loud and clear, assholes.