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Define Liberty

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Ron Arad – Deconstructed / reconstructed

(Duchamp) In your "indiscipline", which allows you to play with design, as well as art and architecture without respecting the rules, and in your application, that one might deem similar to “deconstruction” a theory developed by Derrida and practised by architects like Bernard Tschumi, there is a specificity that is beyond all these categories, and the word that comes to my mind is: “punk”. Could we take the liberty of qualifying you as a “punk designer”, or more precisely “post-punk…

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The Amazing Lost Legacy of the British Black Panthers

The Amazing Lost Legacy of the British Black Panthers | VICE United Kingdom

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19 Beautiful Scottish Words That Everyone Needs In Their Life

19 Beautiful And Useful Scottish Gaelic Words Everyone Needs To Start Using


We are often so unaware of the language that we use and how it affects others…


Me PUPPY love then start too still TENT Christtmas house Sealy a sky see me booby me laughs at u silly MAN NOT BROTHER LOVE FOR ME U LOVE LIKE PUPPY me KNOW YOU LUV HERE me come home to both g rannys cuz and wu me hand DOGGY pie FUNNY yelp

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Are Your Traits Dominant Or Recessive?

ZF: "Liberty of color, religion and language. We unite." We are all humans, and we all deserve to live our lives the way we choose, free of judgement, violence and tyranny!!