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So I'm not the only one...

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33 One-Sentence Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

<br /></div> These 33 One-Sentence Quotes Will Blow Your Mind Every Time. Especially The 8th One.

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I don't need someone to kiss my self harm scars and tell me they're beautiful. I just need someone to not panic when they see them.

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"The mental stress that results from living in an organized society has always been recognized as a possible explanation of mental illness.."

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For you uncultured animals out there, the last comment is a reference to Inception (which you should TOTALLY watch)

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1950s updo hairstyles

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Fear of Insanity? I'm enjoying every minute of my insanity!

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Closer to where you want to be is the key point here. We can't just live it up till something changes! Define insanity again????

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