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Remix Your Hustle With Self-Care

How do you define hustle? Is it drive, hard work, passion, sacrifice, going the extra mile? Most people would say it's one or more of these things. My definition of hustle is giving my all to accomplish goals without losing/neglecting myself or neglecting the people I love.

from The Drifting Desk

Defining Hustle

What is hustle? How do we define hustle? What's a 'side hustle'? A recent (and last-minute) trip to Mexico reminded me to redefine my idea of hustle.

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15 motivational quotes from Pinterest that will give you a kick up the arse

I have a habit of being lazy and making up excuses - need to be jolted back to reality with this quote sometimes!


Life is always moving and it's important to realize that your past does not define you or determine what your future will be. Whatever problems fuck ups bad decisions you have went through in your past that's not going to determine what is in store for your future. You determine that. So make it a good one. #cresultsfitness #life #hustle #results #motivation #truth #dedication #getfit #train #grind #success #fitnessaddict #weightloss #fitspo #fitness #life #lifestyle #better #core #hardwork…

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How to Find Your Niche or Personal Brand, Part 2

excellent bunch of questions and answers : How to Find Your Niche or Personal Brand, Part 2 - Tico and Tina