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II. The High Priestess is the female archetype of the virgin (or the woman who needs no man). It's usually an archetype that is contrasted with the mother archetype because it is the femininity that is self contained. It is Artemis or Athena, not Venus/Aphrodite who is associated with sexuality and men.


The Ra-Hotep statue violates a long list of clearly defined rules. A few of these rules are: Ra-Hotep is a royal son and high ranking official, but he does not wear a wig; he has a gray moustache; and he never had an emblem in his right hand across his chest.

Triple Moon - the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone...beginning passion and ideas, fertility and love, knowledge and wisdom.


Statue of Prince Horemakhet (701-690 BC) - Son of King Shabaka and High Priest of Amun in Thebes during the reign of his father and his two successors. Nubia Museum, Aswan, Egypt