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Why God Doesn't Care What You Do

Deepak Chopra


"The great thing about Neville, what message he conveys that J.K. Rowling wrote for him, was that you can have any kind of disadvantage at the start of your life and it doesn’t define you. You can still go on to be whoever YOU want to be. As long as you have friends around you and you have a belief in doing the right thing, you can go on to be a hero. It doesn't matter what humble beginnings you came from. I think that’s really inspiring. I think that’s a really nice life lesson." Matthew…


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In pictures: 25 TV shows that defined the 1980s

1980s TV: Minder: Better not tell her in-doors


Have this exact lattice treatment. I also chose to scoop the end like this. It was the perfect way to finish off the edge softly.


4 WAYS TO GET YOUR LEGS & THIGHS IN SHAPE: Single leg training is a great way to reshape, define and tone your legs and thighs. Here are four single leg training techniques to get your legs and thighs in shape... #therunningbug #getfit #fitness #exercise


Great Britain is the official name given to the two kingdoms of England and Scotland, and the principality of Wales. The United Kingdom (UK) includes these areas as well as Northern Ireland. Britain refers to only England and Wales, though some will shorten Great Britain with this term.