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Define Flaw

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Community Post: He Is Not Crazy!

Depression...real depression, not acute sadness, is a chemical imbalance. Mental turmoil is just as serious as the physical turmoil of illness. Address it.


Compliments annoy me. I know I'm being lied to. (This is why I don't accept compliments well...I feel like people are "just saying that" or don't feel that way at all, making it all a lie.)

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15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

This defines a hero. This makes a saviour. I am not this. I just won't let those I care for get hurt. But I am not a hero. I brake down, I get hurt. And sometimes I can't always be there and that's my flaw. But nobody is perfect. So don't compare yourself to others. Give up. Because you can't. You can't. And you won't. Your all so much better and your amazing. So please don't hurt those you care for and don't stand aside when others need you. Be strong.


Poverty is not a lack of character. It is a lack of money. A lack of opportunity. A lack of investment. It is when society turns it back and makes you invisible.

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What Do Your Color Choices Reveal About You?

I got: FIERCE! What Do Your Color Choices Reveal About You? Your stress sources: Most of the anxiety in your life comes from your romantic relationships where you worry about putting yourself out there too much or not opening up enough. You are very passionate so you worry about driving your partner away with your intensity. <<<< Scary Accurate.


Teens and Body Image- Why we Don’t Always Like What we see in the Mirror | Dr Carol. Body dysmorphic disorder is defined by the Mayo Clinic as a type of chronic mental illness** where you can’t stop thinking about a flaw in your appearance — a flaw that is either minor or imagined. But to you, your appearance seems so shameful that you don’t want to be seen by anyone.


Social scientist and author Brené Brown defines shame as “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” Those are feelings no human being should ever have to experience, but, sadly, they go hand in hand with addiction. Because so many people still think of substance abuse as a moral weakness or character flaw, addicts and their loved ones can feel inferior, embarrassed, and afraid to speak out. Having a loved one…