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Define Fairytale

​This Wiltshire cottage will fulfil all your fairytale countryside dreams

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Another Sorting Idea with Bear Family Counters. Look how the tray keeps everything organized to help children define their space and clean up easier.

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14 Real Life Fairy Tale Houses That Will Make You Believe Again

glass wall in "earthship" Earthship Biotecture An Earthship is a 'new' kind of building, a new kind of architecture defined by the following 6 principles: - Thermal/Solar Heating Cooling - Solar Wind Electricity - Contained Sewage Treatment - Built with Natural Recycled Materials - Water Harvesting - Food Production

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Ian McQue on

several hatchings such as cross lines and dots are used to represent the depth within this portrait. as seen in this image the darkness of an area is shown by doing a much more of a closer/tight hatchings.

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journey-to-balance: OUR PURPOSE IN LIFESometimes we obsess over defining what is or should be our purpose in this life. In truth, the answer may be a simple one, but we overlook it in our wanting or searching of it…To live our lives as best as we can; to serve as we can; to be an example of LOVE and LIGHT for others.Focus on whatever it is that makes you full with passion and pride… This could range from the mundane to the sublime. If you are passionate about it then it is true and…

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(Cute little house) Scottish Borders - An eighteenth century Adam house with a twentieth century Arts and Crafts garden by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

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When someone is nasty or treats you poorly, don't take it personally. It says nothing about you, but a lot about them.

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Her series Distorted Gravity is an experiment in levitation. Zhuravleva is a member of the Russian Union of Art

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