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Perfectly good suit and combination. The model is not being defined by these colours though. He's disappearing into them. Like a big yellow circle, it's hard to see where his clothes end and he begins. Our clothing should define us. Our face should be in front of our clothes, not in the same plane. In this suit, words like sharp, in control, authoritative, don't seem to apply. In a different suit, they sure would.


no matter who you are, please please remember that an item of clothing does not and will never only be meant for one gender, every gender is able to wear any clothes they want and people should really promote this and not shame someone because it does not fit into the “stereotypical view of society”, by shaming someone for wearing what they want because it just leads to people feeling more oppressed than they do in society !


Two dapper men in Lincoln, Nebraska: Historic photographs of black Lincolnites in the early 1900s — taken by a black photographer — will hang in the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington


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