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Text about identity- interests, emotions, facts about them such as name physical features etc, could copy some genetic code out for a human


Feb 20 Designing Your Garden: Defining Structure

This can be the most challenging, yet the most fun part of developing your spatial design. Once you create a bubble diagram to organize your outdoor spaces, the next step is defining the structure of those spaces (this is officially called a form composition study).  Will your garden be informal, formal, rectilinear or geometric? Look to the architecture of your house as inspiration or maybe you are drawn to a particular garden style. Structure can also evolve from a theme.  The image…


When judged a person can tend to feel trapped within the stereotypes and names thrown at them leading to more insecurities than ever thought to be possible, I hope to show this through writing out labels that can be stuck to my model to show how easily a person can be defined a certain way.