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Big Data's Coming To Your Town - Donnie Fowler and Zach Friend @ TEDxSantaCruz - Donnie Fowler & Zach Friend define Big Data and share examples of how it can it can be used for the betterment of municipalities and communities everywhere.

For example, I have worked with data for 16 years. In that time, my title has changed from Data Warehousing Specialist, to Data Miner, to Data Analyst, to Data Scientist. I currently hold the official title of “Senior Mathematician” because that is what the industry I work in un


Big Data: The 5 Vs Everyone Must Know

Big Data: The 5 Vs Everyone Must Know At the beginning there was Gartner, who defined Big Data with 3 Vs: 1. Volume 2. Velocity 3. Variety Then the issue was raised that Big Data new insights can be actually quite uncertain, and so the 4th V arrived: 4. Veracity But all this was still leaving out the deep core, the only reason why one wants to use Big Data: 5. Value

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Mobile, Social, And Big Data — The Intersection Of The Internet's Three Defining Trends

Facebook ingests times more data each day than the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Twitter is storing at least 12 times mo...

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The Big Data Conundrum: How to Define It?

Big Data is revolutionizing business without anybody knowing what it actually means. Now computer scientists have come up with a definition they hope everyone can agree on.