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Evolutionists say that we just say, "God did it" and that we move on; meanwhile, they say, "Nature did it somehow in a way that we can't explain" and that's called "enlightenment". NONSENSE!

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United kits through the years: Which is your favourite and which do you like the least?

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Originally native to parts of China, Siberia and Japan, the brown rat is now found virtually worldwide. The brown rat is a sociable species and usually lives in groups which have a dominance hierarchy and defend a territory.

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Corfe Castle, England. Although ruins are all that remained of Corfe Castle, the fortifications still make quite a big impression. Located in the county of Dorset on the Isle of Purbeck, the castle dates back to the 9th century. It is believed, however, that Corfe might have emerged much earlier and was a Roman defensive site. The parts whose remnants you can see today were constructed in the 11th century, and two centuries later the fortress was used as a royal treasure storehouse and…

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From Hare to Hytner: leading cultural figures oppose the EBacc

Art Makes Children Powerful poster by Bob and Roberta Smith. From Hare to Hytner: Leading Cultural Figures look back on the experiences that inspired them as children and reflect on the dangers of marginalising the arts in schools

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