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deer fern Blechnum spicant: use a mixture of 1 part lime-free loam, 1 part medium-grade bark chippings and 1 part charcoal, two parts sharp sand, 3 parts coarse leafmould for container- grown specimens)

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Grow 'em Big: How to Create Deer Bedding Areas

Hinge cutting trees is a great deer habitat management tactic and also a good way to make the best bedding areas for white-tailed fawns.

The most important deer habitat strategy that you can build on your own land, is for you to establish, protect and control a whitetail's...


The maned wolf is the largest of the South American canids. It looks like a large fox with reddish fur and long, deer-like legs. The mammal is found in open habitats like grasslands with scattered bushes and trees. The tall legs are likely an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its native habitat.