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WildWings Terry Redlin "Deer Crossing" Christmas Ornament

Terry Redlin "Deer Crossing" Christmas Ornament

A place where the deer roamed as if always waiting for something to happen and the birds would fly from tree to tree, hoping to not be seen...

from the Guardian

When Homo sapiens hit upon the power of art

Swimming Reindeer of Montastruc. Made from the 8in tip of a mammoth tusk. The carving, which is at least 13,000 years old, depicts two deer crossing a river. Their chins are raised as they would be when swimming. At least four different techniques were used to create this masterpiece: an axe trimmed the tusk, scrapers shaped its contours; iron oxide powder was used to polish it; and an engraving tool incised its eyes and other details. Found in 1866, France.