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Crispy Deep-Fried Pizza - I know it deep fried, but you got to let go once in a while (LOL)


Fried Pizza Poppers... if these taste like snack n pack's pepperoni balls i'm sold. worth a try at least


Crispy Deep-Fried Pizza

Crispy Deep-Fried Pizza Recipe : Guy Fieri : Food Network -

Sep 21 Spicy green cabbage and sweet potato Crisps / Slow Sunday: Crispin it!

One of the most entertaining parts of eating healthy is all the inventive ways you can turn "bad food" into better and tastier versions. Pizzas, burgers, cakes and the likes, are going through a renaissance as they've become popular makeover dishes for health conscious foodies everywhere. In this Slow Sunday post, I'm celebrating the healthy veggie crisp! Yay! An addictive brilliant reinvention of the old school, deep fried potato crisp. I used to love those baddies as a kid, we would…


The Pizza Lab: How To Make Fried Pizza At Home (à la Forcella)

Deep Fried Pizza... I want to try it, just don't want to clean up after it!