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The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender: Dee Bradley Baker everyone, voice actor God


You know you're a Clone Wars / Rebels fan when.......


Dee Bradley Baker voices Tarrlok, the main villain in Legend of Korra, as well as Naga, Pabu, Appa, and Momo. Just thought I'd throw that out there. xP And here I thought Tarrlok would be voiced by Long Feng or General Zhao...


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Blu-ray US Import: Justin Chambers, C. Thomas Howell, Michael B. Jordan, Kevin McKidd, Dee Bradley Baker, Steve Blum, Kevin Conroy, Sam Daly, Dana Delany, Grey Griffin, Cary Elwes, Nathan Fillion, Jay Oliva, Alan Burnett, Bobbie Page, Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, Bill Finger, James Krieg: DVD & Blu-ray

Avatar the Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra: Dee Bradley Baker and Steven Blum on #TableTalk! - YouTube

Dee Bradley Baker quotes #openquotes


Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Preview: Return of the Clones

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Preview: Return of the Clones -- Executive producer Dave Filoni and voice actor Dee Bradley Baker reveal that several clones are coming back in a preview of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2. --


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