The first Death Star blueprints are some of the most important items in the history of Star Wars. It was those plans, inside R2-D2, that brought Luke Skywalker out of obscurity and ultimately ushered in the Return of the Jedi. Now you can be R2, and hold onto the plans to Death Star II. Artist Carlos Pardo has spent the last two years designing an absolutely stunning poster of the Death Star II blueprints,

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"How to make your own Death Star lamp (by Lylelo)"
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Death Star? - maybe this is Ceres in disguise. (June 2015) The dwarf planet Ceres has presented quite the mystery: bright spots in a cluster. Now, the mysteries include the pyramid-like structure, which is said to be a mountain extending about 3 miles above the landscape. To read about the strange dwarf plantet, go to this site.

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