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Dear John

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No matter where we are in the world we will always have the same moon So every time you see the moon you can think of me


Minimal film poster for the green mile. Green mile is a film about guards of death row that discover an inmate with a mysterious gift. I think the main colour here is green because (apart from the obvious title "the green mile") Green is seen a lucky colour so I think they have used that here to show the luck and the fate of the inmate. green is also a symbolising colour of hope and new beginnings which I think they want to portray in the poster

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Clueing For Looks | Unisex T-Shirt

You're A Drama Queen


I love how Sherlock follows Mycroft out just to mess with him, and John is like "that's my boy" :D


Mary's face NEEDS to be a meme- I think both their faces need to be a meme. MEME MAKERS I CALL THEE TO DO THY JOB!


Sherrrrloooock, you got some 'splainin to do!!

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Mitchell - Being Human... He was in the wrong era it seemed, his clothes strikingly different against the designer chair he was sitting in. He kept fidgeting, pulling at the fingerless gloves on his hands or picking at specks of flint on his jeans. His eyes held something in them, a secret or a past life that would never be, something that haunted him. I could have watched him forever.


bloggingthebatch: (X) For those who remember waiting 20,000 places back in the online ticket queue to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Hamlet, the Barbican has just announced a new release of tickets: at just £10 each. There will be 100 tickets available in seats throughout the theatre for each performance of the three-month run, making a total of 8,500 £10 tickets available. • Benedict Cumberbatch: a Hamlet worth waiting for Sixty of each 100 will be available to purchase online, through a…

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Dear John (2010)

Dear John (2010) A U.S. soldier falls for a Southern college student, but their love is put on hold when terrorist attacks prompt him to reenlist. Now, handwritten letters hold the lovers together in this modern romance. Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Richard Jenkins...TS romance