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So, this might be my favorite Dean Winchester pic of the week. Not because it's necessarily like "omgthat'ssoattractiveimightdierightnowwww", but rather because this is just perfect. (Though, it may just be a behind-the-scenes shot, but it still counts) All around perfect. Plus: bowlegs. Can't go wrong with bowlegs.

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And if you look ahead, children, you'll see the Winchester brothers revert back to Jensen and Jared and then back again

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Build Bigger Biceps

Build bigger biceps with this one trick Biceps and the tongue thing.

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Experiment: reblog this if you believe Dean Winchester is bisexual

10x10 The Hunter Games

"Sophie thinks she can save you. She thinks there is a way for to pull Azazel out and im not disagreeing with her. But just so you know. Im prepapred to keep the promise I made. I am prepared to kill you.

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