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How to Easily Install a Deadbolt Lock onto a Door

Important life skill everyone should know. Installing a dead bolt lock is easy and this step by step tutorial shows you how:


Super Grip Lock - Deadbolt Security Straps

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt strap - Door can't be opened, even with a key. ( for home or the hotel room knowing nobody can unlock your deadbolt. I want this!!!


5 Innovative Security Gadgets For Your Home 24 hour #locksmith based in #Liverpool


Samsung door lock - looks very sleek and techy, but will it really do the job any better than our average lock? If you can just use a key, can it not be opened by a burglar, just as a normal door can be... ? I'd assume so, but still looks great. I feel it might attract burglars, as you'll be one of the few with this trendy gadget.


The Goji Smart Lock gives complete control over the access to your home. It works with your smart phone and is the only lock to provide real-time picture alerts | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!