☠::::My☹Narcissistic☹Momster::::☠ The Narcissist Has Enablers....that 'He' is my mother and her enablers are her family.... (comment by me, my sacred journey)

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I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. Many liberals think they've been educated, but instead, only indoctrinated. They don't understand me & do not want to understand me, because they have been indoctrinated with lies & propaganda that support the liberal Marxist agenda.

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These look so Beautiful! DIY GEODE Bath Salt Melts with Epsom salt. Easy How To Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

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I did this. I wanted to die. I contemplated telling my therapist that, how torturous this was, and how I wish they'd let me die because at least I could be in peace. And I'd be thin. The two things I want most. The biggest of the biggest dialectics. A paradox. I want to be peaceful and I want to be deathly thin. A recipe that doesn't work unless you are dead.

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Living Room wall in India Yellow No.66, cupboard: Mahogany No.36, upper skirting: Old White No.4 and lower skirting: Off-Black No.57 by Farrow & Ball

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What could be better than Dinosaurs? Chris Pratt fighting dinosaurs of course! The more I see from this film, the more excited I get for it. I am excited to go back into the park on June 12th

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This picture portrays eating disorder by showing a prison cell with a TRAPPED prisoner unable to escape but is staring at light and FREEDOM so close but out of reach. The silhouette is STOOPED in a forlorn manner.

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