Most of us will quit at something at some point in our lives. It could be a dead-end job, an abusive relationship, or a bad habit; people cut ties all the time and move on. It’s the way of the world. However, quitting is not always easy. For most folks, quitting is more than a push of emotions. For those moments when you’re 100 percent sure that this is what you need to do, here are six reasons to remind you why leaving is usually a good thing.

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Eleven months ago, Ray Quinn was a tough, quick-witted Orlando homicide detective at the top of his game–until a barrage of bullets ended his career…and his partner’s life. Now medically retired with a painful handicap, Ray battles the haunting guilt for his partner’s death. Numbing the pain with alcohol and attitude, Ray takes a job as a night watchman at a swanky Orlando condo. But when a pastor and an exotic dancer are found dead in one of the condos in an apparent murder-suicide, Ray…

How to Ditch Your Dead-End Job and Find a Career You Love Hear about my journey to where I am now and what I have learned in this interview. My two business coaches, Sue Painter and Joy Chudocoff, are interviewing me on the call. Read more:

Are you in a dead-end job? Underemployed? Is it a struggle to pull yourself out of bed each morning and get to work? Maybe it's time to quit your job.

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