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Globe Furniture By Peter Opsvik

Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik developed the 'Globe Concept' with the aim of making sitting active in both offices and public spaces. One of the most eye-catching pieces in the collection is the 'Globe Garden' chair, which was designed by Opsvik 29 years ago and was recently relaunched by Moment AB. Standing at 1.7 metres high, the chair has a rounded seat and back that allows for more support for the upper body, and is best adapted to function in public spaces. Another interesting piece is…


Cats and Christmas seem to be a very popular pairing, so why not check out Sarah Graves' The Dead Cat Bounce? This is the first book in her Home Repair is Homicide series.

The Dead Cat Bounce (1998) (The first book in the Home Repair is Homicide Mystery series) A novel by Sarah Graves

from Mail Online

Purr-fect rhythm: Video shows cat dancing to Drake's Hotline Bling