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Character: Poison Ivy / From: DC Comics 'Gotham City Sirens' & 'Batman' / Cosplayer: La Esmeralda / Photo: Ashtray Arts Photography

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100 iconic costumes of popular characters from pop culture

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$50 Homemade Iron Man. Totally going to make this one day...

$50 Homemade Iron Man Mark 42

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First look: Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor shoot scenes for Dr Strange in New York City <<< i cant wait for this to be released

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From Harley Quinn to Talia al Ghul. An Infographic Guide to Female DC and Marvel Villains!

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The Deadliest Killers of Earth-616! Murderers of Marvel #infographic #Entertainment

The Deadliest Killers of Earth-616! Murderers of Marvel #infographic

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I need this one... Asgardian Iron Man<<<<<<I WANT IT I NEED IT I MUST HAVE THE PRECIOUS

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Superhero Week: The naked truth underneath female superhero costumes

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You Can Buy This 3D Printed Spider-Man Mask Online

Costume designer Yuri Schuurkes designed a 3D printed Spider-man mask you can buy!

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