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Mother's Day Gift Idea, Dangle Earrings, Purple Earrings, Purple Flower Earrings, France Earrings in Mattte Purple Lucite Flowers

Dangle Earrings. Matte vineyard purple lucite flowers are topped with antique brass bead caps and plum faceted Czech beads. Dangling below are plum faceted Czech round beads again, adding drama to the flowers and making the stamens. And still very light weight! Total length: 1 2/3 inches (42mm) from the bottom of the antique brass french hooks, or 2 2/5 inches (60mm) from the tops of the earwires. Please see the earrings on the real size mannequin or my hands for a better idea. If you…

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The moment you discover the most expensive addiction in the world... #horsequote

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Love realizing at the end of the day the best non-conversation I had was with the horse, dog, or cat.

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The thrill of eventing. So addicting! I get such an adrenalin rush after cross country even if they're only like 6inches off the ground lol

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11 Style Lessons Learned From Clueless

amelie Materialism. In this generation, the measure of your success depends on the goods you own, how much stuff you have, what care you or your parents drive, what you wear and where you live. Kids naturally want things, especially if their friends have it too. Now don't get me wrong, I think we have all been guilty of begging our parents for that new pair of shoes that you believe will make you 'cooler' at school, or the newest iPhone so you can seem 'up to date' with the newest…

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30 Best Alia Bhatt Wallpapers and Photos

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The heart-stopping moment a rodeo rider cheated death after his boot got caught in the rope of a raging bull

Injuries: Douglas Duncan tries to fend off Tremors Sunday while the day's event saw at least two reported injuries

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Want to be your own boss? And work from home? so you could have a pony like this?... take a look

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Grande Larder cupboard

Hugely practical larder cupboard with wonderfully spacious food storage space for boxes tins vegetables spice jars and all the goodies you can fill

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Did you know? Back in the day, equestrians often didn't have time to greet and speak with all the other riders before a foxhunt... so they put ribbons in their horses' tails to communicate what otherwise couldn't be communicated while racing over the fields.

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