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Bitter French politician says British firms should be BANNED from doing business in Europe

Emmanuel Macron. This pathetic person obviously didn't learn maths at school. 3 minus 2 = 1 dummy! The UK spends more in the EU than what you spend with us silly boy. Let's just ban ALL TRADE with you and then you will fail even sooner than you're going to anyway. And as for building the Airbus Aircraft with you, that was a big mistake. We're going to do a deal with Boeing in Canada and US, so you can go and whistle! Remember Vichy? Descendant? jp.

from Mail Online

Need a hand (or an arm, or a leg)? Hi-tech prosthetics shown off

Visitors stand besides dummies with upper limb prosthetics during the opening day at the trade show.

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Investing in Shares For Dummies by David Stevenson For Stock Market Trading

Investing in Shares For Dummies, 2nd UK Edition (1119966418) cover image

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Female Fiberglass Display Mannequin Dummy abstract Style (ADOS7)

Female Fiberglass Display Mannequin Dummy abstract Style (ADOS7) #onlymannequins