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~Hollywood style beaded evening dress, 1930s~ oh Lawdy, Lawdy I was definitely born in the wrong era. Bring back the glamour

from DINKS Finance

Six Considerations When Investing In Stocks

Are you thinking of investing in stocks? If so here are six things you might want to consider before getting started.

Crinoline frame, English, late 1860's. W. S. Thomson, an American, patented the crinoline frame in USA, Britain & France in 1856. It was adopted by all classes, the quality, of course, varying. At its height of popularity, half a million hoops were produced from Sheffield, England steel mills. Before this date, women would have worn up to six starched petticoats to achieve the big skirt effect. Label: "Thomson's Prize Medal Skirt. By Her Majesty's Royal Patent Registered Trade Mark 20"