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David Tennant Height

Relative heights - Apparently Captain Mal would be looking down on Iron Man, Gandalf and Capetian Jack Sparrow. But I can only imagine what he'd call Sam towering over him.

from io9

Why Christopher Eccleston Was The Greatest Doctor Who Star After All

TEARS TEARS!!! I cry everytime I think of him he was my favorite doctor I also love David tennant but nyeh ono


David Tennant staring as 'Hamlet' on stage in 2008. When Tennant signed up to front Gregory Doran's Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet at the height of his Doctor Who fame, a few sniffy think-pieces emerged, calling it an example of the theatre pandering to celebrity culture by casting a big name (despite Tennant's long history with the RSC). But his razor-sharp, energetic performance spoke for itself, and led The Guardian's Michael Billington to dub him "the best Hamlet in…