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David Tennant Children

Pant...Pant...Pant....Drool...Drool...Drool......Keel over from hyperventilation...cuddle me, shipmate

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Something just struck me reading this meme just now! The Doctor was her IMAGINARY FRIEND! OMG! 10 was Madam Pompadour's Raggedy Man!! *shocked face* I wonder how many children the Doctor has been an imaginary friend to over the years. I had an imaginary friend when I was little! *MIND BLOWN* lol

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David Tennant snogging Davina McCall on a previous Children In Need - I'd rather snog John Barrowman or Christopher Ecclestone

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Daleks require more apples would make for such a hilarious comic relief or children in need minisode!

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This is preeeeciousss!!! Right after that, he stuck pudsey in his shirt "where he to my heart"

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Doctor Who - BBC One

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Both Matt Smith and David Tennant treat their little fans with such respect! Makes me love them that much more!!

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i feel like it's a requirement - if you are going to be The Doctor, you have to respect and appreciate children.

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