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Map of the Empire of King David and Solomon BC (before Christ). These Kings were Jewish.

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Solomon’s Seal on an Abbasid coin ~13th century. Magen David centered with a representation of each Tribe at the end of each cross-bar. The three dots centered may possibly represent King, Holiness, Redeemer consecutively. Very beautiful seal.

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Handmade Hanukkah: 25 Hanukkah Crafts to Make With Kids

From stained glass window menorahs or clothespin menorahs to Star of David mobiles, these 25 Hanukkah crafts to make with your kids will surely delight the whole family. Make some for your local senior center and teach them the importance of Tzedekah

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Understanding the Differences between the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon

Sumerian symbols of İnanna and Venus became King Solomons Seal thousands years later if Solomon ever existed. Etruscan texts tell that Solomon is a generic name for Patriarch Abraham

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Arkosic Dead Sea sandstone tablet describes repairs to Solomon's Temple by Joash who reigned about 839-799 b.c.e. and, in accord with this, carbon-14 dating by Israel's Geological Institute, under Shimon Ilani, has authenticated the inscription as being around 2,800 years old.

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David, King of Israel, and Caleb in Biblical Memory (Hardcover)

1 Samuel 20 David and Jonathan Bible Video For Kids: The Friendship of David and Jonathan (1 Samuel 20). This Sharefaith Kids Bible video focuses on the friendship of Jonathan (King Saul's son) and David the future king of Israel. When his father threatens David's life, Jonathan risks everything for his friend. Featuring award winning artwork and powerful storytelling, this David and Jonathan video is perfect for your upcoming 1 Samuel 20 lesson.

Davids Harp David was a master musician, a poet, a writer of psalms, a worshipper and a man after God’s own heart. This cute craft will serve as a great reminder of the life of David. A lowly shepherd boy chosen by God to be the king of Israel.

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Divided kingdom and David's Civil war with the House of Saul. Timeline, maps, chronology, sermons of Judges, 2 Samuel 1-5, David king in Hebron, civil war: 1010-1003 BC

proverbs chapter 1 - David, king of Israel 2To know wisdom and instruction,To perceive the words of understanding,3To receive the instruction of wisdom,Justice, judgment, and equity;4To give prudence to the simple,To the young man knowledge and discretion5A wisemanwill hear and increase learning,And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel,6To understand a proverb and an enigma,The words of the wise and their riddles.7The fear of theLordisthe beginning of knowledge,Butfools despise…

Listen as Emory University Hebrew Bible professor Jacob L. Wright reads a selection from his critically acclaimed new book David, King of Israel, and Caleb in Biblical Memory. The reading treats the famous story of David’s affair with Bathsheba.

An Arab military police officer looks out on the street from a damaged Arab home, bombed three days ago, behind the "Sisters of Sion" convent in the old city of Jerusalem, Palestine, July 14, 1948. He stands in front of a gaping hole, made by the Jewish "Secret Weapon" a 2 1/2 feet (75 cm) time-fused motar shell, holding a piece of the heavy steel cap, the largest fragment of the shell remaining. The bomb called by the Haganah "David, King of Israel" is manufactured in Tel Aviv. In the past…

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King David's Sword w/ "David King of Israel - Hebrew" Morale Patch

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When David went home to his wife Michal, she said, ‘Is it right for the king of Israel to behave as any vulgar person would, in full view of the slave girls and servants?’David replied ‘I was before the Lord who chose me to rule Israel, and I will celebrate before Him.’ – Slide 18