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Top News: "UK: 10 Top Worst Measures Of David Cameron's First 100 Days" - http://www.politicoscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/UK-News-David-Cameron-In-The-Headline-News-Now-1200x774.jpg - 100 days since David Cameron recorded a shock victory at the general election to deliver the first majority Conservative government in 18 years. Read more. on Politicoscope - http://www.politicoscope.com/uk-10-top-worst-measures-of-david-camerons-first-100-days/.

VWhy does Eric Schmidt have so much trouble dealing with Google's own role in The New Digital Age?

David Cameron - Belfast City Hall flag protests; Same-sex marriage legalised; creation of the National Crime Agency; Woolwich attack; Referendum on Scottish independence; Privatisation of the Royal Mail; News International phone hacking scandal; Westminster paedophile dossier; Military intervention against ISIL in Iraq and in Syria (Operation Shader); European

The Prime Minister will order businesses to give staff a pay rise, claiming that falling costs mean firms have more cash to reward their employees

David Cameron to Unveil Latest Plans to Fight Radicalization of Young Muslims

It's everyone's dread to lose a child. You lose someone you love so much, so young. It does hit you like nothing else, and there is a bit of you that thinks, well, if you can face that sort of challenge in your life, then it puts everything else into perspective. ~David Cameron sleepingangel.com

"Apathy Kills!": David Cameron `again' invokes the Hegelian Dialectic by Exploiting a young mans brutal death

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