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Panama Papers Leak Taints David Cameron's Effort to Curb Massive UK Tax Avoidance | 4.4.16 |"The failure of UK Prime Minister David Cameron to fulfill his pledge to curtail widescale tax avoidance has been thrust into the spotlight by the trove of leaked legal documents known as the Panama Papers, which includes revelations concerning his father's offshore financial dealings."

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https://flic.kr/p/eUp9Kr | G-8 Leaders 2013 - Caricatures | See G-20 2013 graphic here. Source Images: United Kingdom - Prime Minister David Cameron: CC ukhomeoffice's Flickr Photostream Italy - Prime Minister Enrico Letta: Face, CC Enrico Letta's Flickr photostream. Body, PD Department of Commerce Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel, PD Ricardo Stuckert/PR from Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency, via Wikimedia Russia - President Vladimir Putin, CC World Economic Forum's…

David Cameron - Belfast City Hall flag protests; Same-sex marriage legalised; creation of the National Crime Agency; Woolwich attack; Referendum on Scottish independence; Privatisation of the Royal Mail; News International phone hacking scandal; Westminster paedophile dossier; Military intervention against ISIL in Iraq and in Syria (Operation Shader); European

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England, calls for global action to fight the threat of drug-resistant super bugs. He believes antibiotic-resistant super bugs are threatening to send medicine "back into the dark ages." An estimated 25,000 people die yearly from infections that are resistant to antibiotics. UV-C Light Products is selling products to eliminate 99% of all bacteria. Before you or any of your loved ones are infected, please invest in your health for a better future.

David Cameron warns that second global crash is looming PM says ‘red warning lights are flashing’ against a backdrop of instability and uncertainty, as G20 summit draws to a close

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