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David Cameron Eu

David Cameron visits a school.

from The Economist

A background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union

In graphics: Britain’s referendum on EU membership: A background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union | The Economist (24 Feb 2016).


Why do the 99% let this POS get away with this, not only him but all of the elite worldwide?

from BBC News

Brexit may bring difficult times, says Theresa May

Britain needs to be prepared for some "difficult times" ahead as it leaves the…

from BBC News

David Cameron to quit as Conservative MP for Witney

David Cameron to quit UK parliament Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to stand down as an MP triggering a by-election in his Oxfordshire seat of Witney. Mr Cameron who resigned as prime minister after Junes EU referendum said he did not want to be a distraction for new PM Theresa May. He had said he would continue as an MP until the next general election. The 49-year-old who has represented Witney since 2001 became Conservative leader in 2005 and PM in 2010. The life and times of David Cameron Speaking in his constituency he said it had been a great honour to be an MP for the area but said it would be difficult for him to remain on the back benches without becoming a big distraction and a big diversion from the work of the new government. He denied his announcement was related to the governments moves towards an expansion of grammar schools a policy he rejected as PM. He said the timing which came after a period of reflection over the summer was coincidental. Lets block ads! (Why?) View the original article here

from The Telegraph

David Cameron admits EU referendum has damaged his friendship with Boris Johnson

David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Not only would she prefer it, it's globalist policy. Trump may be a bit crass in some ways, but what do you expect if someone has been involved in business all their life? He's a straight talker and that's why people respond to him, he's not continually trying to cover up reality like both Clintons, Obama, Paul Ryan, Tony Blair, David Cameron, EU, UN etc.


David Cameron ADMITS Brussels BLOCKED bid to rescue UK steel

THE EUROPEAN Union blocked efforts by the UK Government to protect British steel, David Cameron has admitted.

from The Telegraph

Why David Cameron may have already blown the EU referendum

David Cameron with supporters from a 'Stronger In' campaign event in Witney…

from BBC News

Tim Farron presses case for vote on any Brexit deal

The British public should have a chance to vote on government plans for the UK…