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David Cameron Email

from ELLE UK

Why is David Cameron afraid to call himself a feminist?

Why is David Cameron afraid to call himself a feminist? Well Benedict isn't! ELLE UK


Educating the mind without educating the heart quotes - Affective and cognitive learning domains.


The opening of the games was marked by a fund raising gesture for UNICEF. Unfortunately the tax haven activities of so many Commonwealth states – the Hiddenwealth – will undermine any good that appeal will do. It is corruption that undermines developing countries – but most especially that facilitated by tax havens and the lawyers, accountants and bankers who populate them. And have no doubt, children suffer as a result. - See more at: Richard Murphy

from mirror

David Cameron to face public grilling over £72,000 secret shares stash claims

The Prime Minister will make a statement to Parliament after his tax returns showed he secretly sold off another huge tranche of shares in 2010

from BBC News

Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron 'questions from public'

Jeremy Corbyn asked David Cameron questions emailed to him from the public as he tried what he called "a different" style for his debut PMQs.

from The Independent

David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks and the emails kept from Leveson

Private emails between David Cameron and the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks have been withheld from the Leveson Inquiry after the Prime Minister sought personal legal advice, The Independent can reveal.

from the Guardian

'So revealing and wacky': Hillary Clinton emails deride David Cameron

Archive of email exchanges with adviser highlights concerns about Cameron’s inexperience before he became PM – and support for Tony Blair’s EU ambitions

from mirror

Think Britain's benefits are generous? These countries leave us in the shade

David Cameron claims benefits are a 'lifestyle choice' and a pull factor for migrants. He should probably read this

from the Guardian

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David Cameron with John Boyega and Jamie Vardy

David Cameron was described as 'unsure' in emails to Hillary Clinton