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48 Reasons It's Great To Be British (Yes, Really)

#motivationalwords Stephen Fry - haha, absolutely love him! #positivewords

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Mensa's youngest ever member Adam Kirby has IQ of 141 aged TWO

Mensa's youngest member Adam Kirby has IQ of 141 at age 2. An African American child prodigy has become the youngest ever member of Mensa after an IQ test ranked him smarter than President Barack Obama & British Prime Minister David Cameron. Little Adam Kirby has read Shakespeare & learned Japanese, Spanish & French. He toilet trained HIMSELF after reading a book on the subject at age 1.


David Cameron says Christians should be 'more evangelical'

David Cameron says that in a secular age Christians should be even 'more…

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Child prodigy, 2, becomes youngest ever to join genius club Mensa

Child prodigy, 2, becomes youngest ever to join genius club Mensa Adam Kirby ranked smarter than Barack Obama and David Cameron Read more:

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David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn join tributes to 'genius' David Bowie

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Camila Batmanghelidy "it takes me probably 5 minutes to get dressed. I don't think about it at all... But the way I dress matches my psychological energy, so when I get up in the morning I think 'What colour do I want to wear today?' and I just bung it on really quickly and get out. I don't worry about what people think at all... And it's instantaneous - I instantly know what fabrics go together and what doesn't - and it's just instinctive