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Combined, the Dark Triad traits in another person close to you can be detrimental to your mental health. People who score high on the traditional Dark Triad show a pattern of behavior that combines the worst of all worlds. When someone gets in their way, they act out aggressively to take what they want. If you sense that someone might have the Dark Triad traits, consider yourself warned.


The dark triad... narcissist, psychopath, and machiavellian all in one.

winter house by Alexandr Pushai, via Behance


Narcissists are spoilt brags, always wanting attention, always expecting others to fuss over them

Sharks are Machiavellian Dark Triads who dominate in business

from Bloglovin’

Make Mine Mustard (the Hunted Interior)

Hmm I can see a transformation of the dining room here


Narcissist Mimicry | Fake flattery. Fake kindness, Fake empathy. Nothing is real with the narcissist. Everything is ultimately about manipulation and control.


Psycopathy Linked to Brain Abnormalities


12 weird things you might see a narcissist do.