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Moon Phases P7 Dark Moon The dark moon is the phase designated for dealing with enemies. It is also a time to uncover our darkest emotions and understand our passions and angers. Spells cast during this stage are often associated with justice. The dark moon occurs ten and a half, to fourteen days from the full moon. Now that you know the basic gist of the different phases of the moon, something else you may want to consider making part of your spells experience is full moon oil

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Glowing Moon Necklace - Moon Dust Necklace Glow in the Dark Glass Bottle Charm Jewelry - Glowing Space Galaxy Necklace Aqua Blue Moon Sand

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Wheel of the Year: Imbolc (Feb. 2nd)

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White, magick, spell, chant, prayer, protection, spiritual, protect against negativity, negative, low vibrations, dark, evil, spirits, demons, call upon the angels, aura, shield, energy, wicca, book of shadows, blog, wisdom, empath #whitewitchparlour

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Acquire Your Desire Spell: Take a Horseshoe and put it around a red candle in a darkened room in the middle of the table. Write what you desire in black ink on white paper, chant the following as you write ... #wicca #witchcraft

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