Dark souls locations

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This is a Black Knight from Dark Souls. What I like about this character is how the armour he wears keeps him shadowed in dark locations, making him almost impossible to see. I want to implement this into my boss, as it will create a very interesting scene of the player trying to find the boss through the darkness, and then having the boss emerge and attack the player before retreating.

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Pt. 2/2 This is emotional.... Why, Foxy... why? xx
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Fighting a dragon: Skyrim vs Dark Souls. Both are awesome games, but Dark Souls makes you want to rip out your hair.

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I walk down the dilapidated ruins of what looks to be a former citadel of sorts, towards the ominous figure located just in the middle of the ruined square. To my right is a beautiful vista of snowy mountains, speaking volumes about the immense size of the world my character has found himself in. To my left are the ruins, strangely contorted and ravaged by the shifts of land. It’s a moody environment, much like the majority of Dark Souls 3, and sets the stage perfectly for what follows…

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