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Dark Orbit

from Mail Online

The fiery depths of space: Astronomers capture dazzling rainbow nebula swirling round supergiant star

The bright, pinkish-white star at upper left is Orion, known as the 'hunter', is Betelgeuse


#moonchild #cancers ~ As the moon reaches her fullest, most creative phase, so do you. As she disappears into the deepest depths of her darkness, so do you. As she prepares to reach for new beginnings in her crescent phase, so do you. Her essence is always with thee, for you carry her beauty, her light, her darkness and her power within your womb. ~Roslyne Sophia Breillat


İnternet üzerinden herhangi bir tarayıcı üzerinden online olarak oynayabileceğiniz Dark Orbit ile uzayın uçsuz bucaksız dünyasında savaşacaksınız. Bigpoint tarafından yayınlanan oyun Joygame tarafından Türkçe olarak sunulmuş. Siz de Dark Orbit oyuna ücretsiz kaydolup, Türkçe

Dark orbit is a game that can be not only fun but will get you so hot headed and mad that you will want to quit but never will. If you think...